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WIAGF 30 day Challenge 2/30

What I am greatful for 30 day Challenge:

Day 2: Today I am greatful for my two jobs.

Ill go ahead and start off with what i hate doing but helps more than it hurts me. 

I am glad that bi weekly i get 2 paychecks, these jobs are building me to learn discipline and the skill that will be nessesary when i pursure being an assistant manager.

You have to learn to love even the most annoying things because it could still be very beneficial for you to deal with them. 


A Break From Reality- Not Really

Adulthood seems to be so fucking bazaar to say the least.
They push you out of high school saying that you are now an adult BUT here is a 4 million page book on all the rules and regulations we have set out for you.
In reality I am an adult doing what needs to be done. But in reality I am a child that seems to be flopping around aimlessly.
It really pisses me off,  because on top of being a female who is short and has a small voice, they still don’t see me as an adult because of my age. I’m a tiny 22 year old woman. No one is going to take me seriously.
“You’re an adult and can do what you please BUT not untill you conform to these rules and regulations.”
Fucking great. Being an adult is wonderful.