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WIAGF- 30 day Challenge #6

What i am greatful today:

Is that i am able to sleep in my car @ a reasonably safe spot and most of all that safe space is in the front of my boyfriends town home.

Now you might be wondering why am i sleeping outside? Why not in his house? Thats because they have a bigger issue than just not having enough room. He has to share a room with his brother and his house has a pretty simple setup, its too small.

But its okay. Im just happy that i can finally get some uninterrupted sleep.

We all need really good sleep during these tough times right? Its the only thing that seems to not cost an arm and a leg as a millennial.

i wonder if this will be more common among the Gen-y’ers who are lucky enough to even have a car.


Morning Ritual for job #1

I wake up complete the puzzle then reset my alarm to go off nearly 30 minutes later. Wake up again and rush out the house barely realizing what I’m even doing. 

I am a millennial and It really sucks.

My parents are no longer “well-to-do” so now I have to pick up the slack for myself. I’m not saying I have to help them pay bills no way thank goodness. I mean I can’t stay home anymore. 

I have to work two shitty paying jobs to save up then move out. 

“Oh well why can’t u just stay home. Its much easier that way.”

Because I share a living room with two family members. Witg me being a huge introvert who loves her space; these past 6 months have taken its toll on my mental stability.It has been steadily dwindling because the lack of proper sleep and time to self. I need space I can call my own to heal and I don’t have that. 

I work two jobs so I can get away. I stress myself two LOW-PAYING jobs as a 22 year old “adult?”. because it seems any other higher paying job (9-10) have managers that like to shit on you for breakfast lunch, and dinner; you know… Which ever random shift they’ve given you that day. 

“DONT KILL ANYONE!” I say to myself hahaha. Its just another day, only a couple dollars extra.