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30 day “What am I Greatful for Challenge”

In short i will start off this challenge with something simple: I am greatful for the opportunity to create this challenge, i have been going back and forth with my emotions about my current life situation and realize time and time again that i need to get out of my head and focus on the little stupid things in life that make me happy again.

here is the 30 minute podcast link http://castbox.fm/u/218533.

 In this podcast it was explained that humans have the tendancy to focus on negative things in their lives. Even if they might be small insignificant things humans for some reason cant stop turning it into something huge. It was also said that in an experiment when “this” many people were told to write out what they are greatful for each day for “said” amount of time, it was recorded that they had increased leveles of happinessby the end of the experiement.

They also stated that even when someone has a great bounce back and it happy they soon get used to that boost in life and revert back to thinking about all that might be going wrong with their lives.

I am guilty. With that said, for the next month I am going to come up with 30 individual “things” I feel to be greatful for.

This Challenge will end July 3rd.


First 7 days

This will be a blog about the first 7 days on birth control. I have never used a hormonal contraceptive before.

Day1- fidgety, and a bit jumpy very happy.

Day2- slight and annoying cramps, light bleeding.

-feeling more feminine (walk, talk, takeing care of skin)

Day3- no cramps (took 800 mg of ibuprofen couldn’t take the annoying cramps) still spotting.

-a little moody.
Day4- extremely moody and in the morning-evening. (although the moodiness is similar to my usual pms BS) no spotting till I started moving around.
Day5- no spotting, no cramps Generally normal mood set.
Day6- no spotting, cramps or anything. Feeling down low though similar to how I have been this past year any way.
Day7- I feel like I have more control over my emotions when saddness hits. I can come out of it if I need it.

I took control of my body and I fucking love it. With so many things out of my control right now I feel most positive about taking this daily. I feel like a woman taking charge of her life. I know this may seem simple and almost un-noteworthy but to each their own my friend.

List of victories currently in my life

1. A long term relationship
2. Great managers
3. An adorable little brother
4. Empathetic abilities
5. Maturity to get shit done
6. My personal responisbilities
          -car note, Cell phone bill

7. People who love me and they aren’t my blood.

The main reason why I’m feeling a bit positive today is because of one girl who took my order at Starbucks.
She greeted me in singsong! I was so caught of guard that for a moment I forgot about all the negativity that lorded over me. It felt like my mind had to reconfigure its neutronic processes to help me. I felt lifted. She was so polite. She reminded me of how i used to be before all of this negativity overran my life. I was the one to always be positive and happy so that the other could be the same I loved being that person.

I want to fight to become that beautifully whimsical girl again with some mods of course 😜.