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Long Time No Talk: Hobby Update

So I have not been on here in a while. And of course the reason why is because I started to heal and improve mentally which meant I didnt need to lean on blogging as much (pretty much not at all) to get everything off my chest. 

Long story short I learned how to be more mindfull of myself in relation to certain situations, and how to never underestimate the need of consuming my daily vitamins. I think I was missing vitamins as a key element in getting back to being mentally strong enough to tackle everyday stress and even surprise stressers.


I have recently picked up a new hobby involving reborns; for those of you who don’t know what that is, they are hand made baby dolls ranging in age from premie to todler.

To be honest if it wasn’t for the “cookies” that each click leaves I would’nt have ever come across this popular niche hobby.

This is Alejandro Denise Crespo! He is a newborn and the second reborn that I had fallen in love with. 

The first one was a girl who had a price tag I just couldn’t come up with then and there. Next thing I know she’s gone, BUT not too long after that I came across this little cutie. I placed a bid, and waited.l; then after a short lived bid war I snipped him at the last second. 

BOOM HE WAS MINE. He was shipped and 5 days after huricane Harvey hit he was delivered and I did a quick box opening. 

I absolutely love Alejandro and just having him next to me beings a comforting calm to me. Especially when looking at that smiling face.

I hope that I can make this into a more perminant hobby because having a hobby is the last thing on my check list to falling into place as an adult. 

FaceBook page: Texas Reborn Mommy Hobby


WIAGF challenge skipped to #5

what I am most greatful for today

i guess it would be my car. I decided to try and sleep in my car as often as i need instead because of my living situation.

I am finally on the road to recovery and in order to continue being mindful of my mental health i need to find quality rest or else ill be back in the same spot at i was earlier this year.

Sleep, next to food is probably the most important element to healthy living. Don’t cha think?

Side note: I think its interesting to see an increased population of people (especially women) who live or have lived in their cars. Its a little disheartening to recognize this as a growing issue in the millennial community.

The millennial inflation

So I was surfing the web and came across this photo. I think it speaks volumes about how expensive things are these days, and how comparably we have so much less opportunity for OWNING and EXPERIENCING certain things than the older generations did.
It May not be a completely accurate representation of how much things were back in the day but we all know inflation is a bitch right now.
Don’t any of you think there is something wrong when a meal from a fast food place can cost as much as an hours wage from an entry level job? For me that raises a huge red flag.
It SHOULD NOT be this way.
Entry level jobs are suposed to help us get on our feet while we may or may not pursue bigger things but, HA! It really doesn’t. Especially since the job market is so finiky and teeters this way and that you’ll be hard pressed to grow from there or get any where else.
I have been working two jobs for nearing a year now and I honestly have nothing to show for it. Its really only suporting my car,gas and food. But what about a nice cheap aparment? No inflation has fucked that up as well.
When you can’t get a cheap apartment in even the questionable side of town without having to room with 2 or more people it should raise another red flag.
It shouldn’t be a requirement to bunk with other people Especially if you still work two jobs.
We millennials literally have to stay at home longer or work so much harder to start nesting and move away from home. I paused school so I can make sure I don’t have an excuse to work only 1 job and I fucking hate it.
I MISS SCHOOL GUYS I seriously do! But with me being 22 and no where near flying the nest I AM FORCED TO!
How long will they keep inflating the cost of everything untill they stop. Probably when the working class is too poor to even afford their latest goddamn phone or TV.

Anyway Fuck life. Fuck inflation. Fuck minim wage. Fuck it all man.

Is is Stress or is this a Growing Pain?

Ive been working on what to say in this particular blog post for a few days and I decided to keep it simple.

I’m not sure how fine that line is between being possibly depressed and going through that next step into adulthood- that “Growing Pain”. I remember going through that angst stage in high school but I don’t remember ever feeling so helpless against the outside forces.
Am I just getting older and learning life’s lessons or are life’s lessons that would other wise not blanket me so much causing me to go a bit cray?

I’m not sure but I am taking the necessary steps into discovering wether or not it’s just life and im learning how to live it.