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The Millennial Insurance Gap


I was on snapchat the other day (i should mention snapchat tries to include tidbits of actually informative segments that bring an open mind back down to earth) and i saw this. I thought it was hilarious considering if you’re over 18 you are no longer eligible for government general health assistance;and with that said if you arent lucky enough to be on your parents health plan you dont have insurance of any kind.

Being apart of the ever growing but never improving poor class does’nt allow for easy access to health care unless we as newly named “adults” work full time jobs that even provide health care insurance right out of highschool.

Many of us are in what is called the insurance gap (no, not GAP insurance):
Adults between the age of 18-26 who are unable to get insurance because they are too young to have a job that is able to provide a coverage option but too old to get free assistance from the government (medicare… ect.)

Dont get me wrong there are still ways around this but if your parents didnt have to struggle enough to figure out what can be done or never bothered to let you know then you probably dont know how you can get assistance for a dental check up here and there or that much needed physical.
They dont make well known our options as unfortunate citizens of this odd-ball society we live in what can be done for out basic needs for dental and health.

Here are a few links I hope will find there way to helping more than a few people:

Benefits by State:

Rent Assistance Programs:

I reside in Texas so if there are any unfortunate people from Texas reading this I suggest getting the Gold Card; its like an insurance card you can use anywhere it is accepted.

(My step mother in law has used it to go to a psychiatrist; just so you know how far it could go for you if you choose to pursue)


WIAGF- 30 Day Challenge skipped to day #8


What I am most greatful for today:

I was caught between delving a bit deeper or keeping it short and simple.
It took me over 12 hours but I decided to keep it simple as I’m not yet ready to express my inner most thoughts.

I am most greatful for going through having to end a pregnancy 4 weeks,
I know thats weird and you may be feeling a number of emotions towards that but it’s true.

I realized just how much I wanted/need a baby and its motivated my wonderful boyfriend to try even harder to get a job that can not only sustain us but give him leway to promote him self when needed so he can be apart in the act of create a little us.

And lastly I would not have found out just how malnurished i was AND i wouldnt be taking birthcontrol that has has had the side affect of stabalizing hormones.

Through heart break and greif I am healthy again, I am able to continue working hard to finally get that leg up in my socioeconomic status. I am doing this for me and my future(s).

Side note: i started this blog to get the BS off my chest but ALSO reach out to a number of people and or groups. We are all in this together as millennials, middle class,above and below we are on the same level of Gen-y specific brutalities.

WIAGF- 30 day Challenge #6

What i am greatful today:

Is that i am able to sleep in my car @ a reasonably safe spot and most of all that safe space is in the front of my boyfriends town home.

Now you might be wondering why am i sleeping outside? Why not in his house? Thats because they have a bigger issue than just not having enough room. He has to share a room with his brother and his house has a pretty simple setup, its too small.

But its okay. Im just happy that i can finally get some uninterrupted sleep.

We all need really good sleep during these tough times right? Its the only thing that seems to not cost an arm and a leg as a millennial.

i wonder if this will be more common among the Gen-y’ers who are lucky enough to even have a car.

Prt.1 Black and Poor- Living the Stereotype

+Small family
+Distant “family”
+Heavy drinkers during family events
+Living just above the poverty line
+Father took an indefinite vacation away
+Sibling share a different father who also just so happens to be missing

These are just a few of the topical must have’s when concidering what makes you apart of that stereo typical portion of society.

I had no clue how bad things were between my family and I untill we were faced with living below the poverty line for a second time in a 3 year span. My mother distanced herself so much i can’t sleep with my back facing her way without feeling like she’ll try to hurt me.
Hm… Could be that innate fear black parents like to instill in their children to control them surffacing or something entirely new… Who knows.

And my little brother (13) is acting like he is of the proper age to do what ever when ever. After a year of him indulging in the activities of a 17 year old he finally experienced something that reset his attitude a little. He found himself on a richer part of town (white part of town) after taking the wrong bus, which happened to be his first time riding the bus.

Needless to say with his knowlage of what happens to boys his age and appearance, he stopped running up and down the streets like he was born there.

Why me? Why us? Why the lies that we were anything other than the typical underprivileged “African American” family.

I got a tattoo of a lotus flower because i feel like one, i am one. A beautiful thing grown from an ugly and sterile environment.

Some positivity 🌈

1- I will be sooooo strong after this.

2- I will have gained the experience of
26 year old by the time I am able to grasp my place in life. 

3- I HAVE a boyfriend of 4 freaking years! Most my age can’t keep a significant other for more than 6 months! Let alone be with their perfect match.

4- I HAVE wonderful friends, a few but quality over quantity!

5- I’ll be able to pass down my knowledge and wisdom to my kids. I will be the most wonderful mother because I know what it’s like to not have one. And they will have a father that is active and present.

6- My generation of millennials may struggle but it won’t be all for not. The asshole higher ups will get what’s coming to them when we fail and they start failing.

Is is Stress or is this a Growing Pain?

Ive been working on what to say in this particular blog post for a few days and I decided to keep it simple.

I’m not sure how fine that line is between being possibly depressed and going through that next step into adulthood- that “Growing Pain”. I remember going through that angst stage in high school but I don’t remember ever feeling so helpless against the outside forces.
Am I just getting older and learning life’s lessons or are life’s lessons that would other wise not blanket me so much causing me to go a bit cray?

I’m not sure but I am taking the necessary steps into discovering wether or not it’s just life and im learning how to live it.

ME-llenniAin’t Never ganna move on. Pt.1

You know what I’ve noticed is that througout the years people always, ALWAYS ” reminisce” about what was and depress themselves about what could never be. 

What could never be sinply because,  “Isn’t it so obvious that we(they) could never be as happy as they once were?”

While that is entirely untrue- er- what I’d like to believe can’t be true because that’s what we’ve been told yet somehow at certain age flip that around to be true. 

Right out of highschool I believed that while it was nice to bathe in that oh so sweet and addictive nostalgic feeling I knew that i needed to focus on my future; to live in the present and learn from the past (good or bad). 
But as life would have me living in that cushy low low middle class status it was quickly ripped away from me; needless to say a few years later my family being unable to pick themselves up I find myself consistently living in the past. Its almost like I litterally can not function in the present unless I get a sweet shot of what was to get my blood going, keeping that sliver human instinct alive. 

Not even that much older and living as a true Millennial adult is completely draining. As in presently drained… I am drained. 

Our parents had it so much easier. 

The minimum wage has everyone low balling their starting wages.

And with the cost of living? Don’t get me started I am working two jobs and I STILL have to stay home a lot longer than my and your parents had to. 

Tired of trying to live in the present its so fucking bleak. 

But this is only the beggining leading towards my conclusion. 

The beginning of a newer beginning

1. I’m here to express and get some shit off my chest (who isn’t).

2. I hope that yet another blogging millennial talking about today’s bullshit mixed with economic social trials and tribulations will cause SOMETHING exponentially benifical to happen for us and the next generation.

3… Well… I’m not entirely sure at this point.