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WIAGF- 30 Day Challenge skipped to day #8


What I am most greatful for today:

I was caught between delving a bit deeper or keeping it short and simple.
It took me over 12 hours but I decided to keep it simple as I’m not yet ready to express my inner most thoughts.

I am most greatful for going through having to end a pregnancy 4 weeks,
I know thats weird and you may be feeling a number of emotions towards that but it’s true.

I realized just how much I wanted/need a baby and its motivated my wonderful boyfriend to try even harder to get a job that can not only sustain us but give him leway to promote him self when needed so he can be apart in the act of create a little us.

And lastly I would not have found out just how malnurished i was AND i wouldnt be taking birthcontrol that has has had the side affect of stabalizing hormones.

Through heart break and greif I am healthy again, I am able to continue working hard to finally get that leg up in my socioeconomic status. I am doing this for me and my future(s).

Side note: i started this blog to get the BS off my chest but ALSO reach out to a number of people and or groups. We are all in this together as millennials, middle class,above and below we are on the same level of Gen-y specific brutalities.


WIAGF 30 day Challenge 2/30

What I am greatful for 30 day Challenge:

Day 2: Today I am greatful for my two jobs.

Ill go ahead and start off with what i hate doing but helps more than it hurts me. 

I am glad that bi weekly i get 2 paychecks, these jobs are building me to learn discipline and the skill that will be nessesary when i pursure being an assistant manager.

You have to learn to love even the most annoying things because it could still be very beneficial for you to deal with them. 

Some positivity 🌈

1- I will be sooooo strong after this.

2- I will have gained the experience of
26 year old by the time I am able to grasp my place in life. 

3- I HAVE a boyfriend of 4 freaking years! Most my age can’t keep a significant other for more than 6 months! Let alone be with their perfect match.

4- I HAVE wonderful friends, a few but quality over quantity!

5- I’ll be able to pass down my knowledge and wisdom to my kids. I will be the most wonderful mother because I know what it’s like to not have one. And they will have a father that is active and present.

6- My generation of millennials may struggle but it won’t be all for not. The asshole higher ups will get what’s coming to them when we fail and they start failing.

Shooting the S**t

Thought #1-

I have been near severely depressed this past month especially these past few weeks. I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and have been having issues with getting a rental; ontop of that Ive had 2 jobs to get to. Luckily…  Not so lucky the following Tuesday and Wednesday were the last two days I worked till my vacation… What a total bust right? I ended up spending that time I despreatly needed worrying and dealing with the typical aftermath car crash. (I’m okay BTW).

Thought #2.

Why is it so hard for majority of people to keep friendships??! Its like the younger portion of Gen-y don’t understand what being a friend means. They don’t understand the concept of conversation. Frankly I don’t give a fuck about people who say they can go months without that interaction and still come back. SHIT happens u know? An old fashioned call here and there seems to be out of the deal now.

Thought #3

Depression is so much more than just being sad over spilt milk, its like a literal dark hole u can’t keep a grip on. It causes a person to fall almost silent until its too late. I bring this up because it ties into my second thought up there about friends. I’ve really NEEDED friends lately. SHAMELESSLY, needed them because there is only so much someone can keep to themself. I’m glad I have a few friends who still ask me from time to time how i am doing ( I do the same)


Guess i just wanted to say don’t give up on that weekly or biweekly catch up. Being a fresh adult is hard… No matter the age we all need companionship. 😘